Our Unmade Muse

She keeps us inspired.

She keeps us focused.


She embodies the feminine, elegant, sexy, confident and original women

we design for

- she embodies you!

In every design we create, our Unmade Muse has had her say. When we design, it is always with her in mind, to ensure that the styles we create are made to suit and complement the women who inspire us.


One of the things that we and our Muse have in common is that we always seek inspiration. Therefore she never works alone.

Our Seasonal Muse

She evolves us.

She re-focuses us.


She embodies the new trends, the specific mood we seek to convey with the collection, she pushes the limit and sometimes she crosses it.

-She embodies your inner wildchild!

Every season we re-focus our inspiration, to ensure that our new collections are always inspiring to our Unmade Muse and the women she represents. To do that, we supplement our Unmade Muse with a seasonal Muse, who is more arty and over the top.

She represents a guarantee that we are always keeping up with the latest trends, staying on our toes and always creating stunning accessories that enhance your beauty and originality.





Strong, beautiful and caring women who

 stay true to themselves and encourage others to do the same.