Autumn Winter 2020

The collection ranges from the feeling of slow and simple country living fused with wild forest- to the great escape of

the mountains and the après ski vibes in a beautiful mix with the dressing up for the new season. The core of this season is

warm textured materials and exciting weavings mixed into a feminine universe. The print and patterns are defined by a beautiful range of mountain folk patterns and winter florals combined with classic animal prints and graphic lines.

Unmade AW20-33
Unmade AW20-14
Unmade AW20-22
Unmade AW20-25
Unmade AW20-24
Unmade AW20-20
Unmade AW20-40
Unmade AW20-18
Unmade AW20-16
Unmade AW20-9
Unmade AW20-5
Unmade AW20-4
Unmade AW20-3
Unmade AW20-19
Unmade AW20-27
Unmade AW20-11