Love for our planet

Our beautiful planet and the amazing people who inhabit it, are constant sources of inspiration to us, so naturally we do our very best to protect and maintain the beauty surrounding us.

Requirements for our suppliers

As a company in the fashion industry, dealing with various textile manufacturers, we are very much aware of our responsibilities.


Therefore we have set forth some basic requirements suppliers must meet in order to do business with us. ​Therefor we prioritize suppliers who are members of a compliance programme like BSCI, SEDEX or SA8000, and are aware of Employment practices, ethical standards, health and safety, environment, legal requirements, compliance and have a setup for corrective action. 

Recycling & Testing

Within our own house, we sort all papers, plastics, recycle cardboard boxes etc. that are suitable for recycling.

​We also have a chemical testing program in cooperation with Bureau Veritas CPS and FORCE, in Denmark, with a purpose to secure, that all goods delivered to us are in compliance with the EU legislation and our own quality requirements.

Show the LOVE

We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful planet and we encourage everyone to take charge and grab that responsibility!